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President Boyd K Packer- Many Send Condolences

By Bryan Scott, Jul 06, 2015, Categories: News

The Journals have received a number of press releases and emails to offer thoughts, prayers and condolences.

West Jordan City Honors Fallen Military Soldiers With Memorial Day Tribute

By Taylor Stevens, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: News, Today

As the sun set on Memorial Day in Veterans Memorial Park on May 25, an assembly of residents in red, white and blue, men and women in uniform and Patriot Guard riders on motorcycles converged at the Military Services Monument to celebrate fallen military veterans.

Mayor Rolfe Makes A Statement

By City Journals Staff, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: News, Today

“I have a statement I’d like to read: the right of free speech is so important to me and I will defend that right always. After reviewing the articles in the West Jordan Journals, I want to state, on the record, some of the facts that were state in error."

West Jordan Celebrates The Jordan River Trail

By Taylor Stevens, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: Local Life, News, Today

According to the festival’s website, “This is the first time that nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, corporations and municipalities have come together to envision and implement a long-term plan for annually celebrating the River.”


By Bryan Scott, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: News, Today

Council Members, Mayor and staff: it’s time to act like local politicians, leave Washington politics for Washington Politicians. You were elected by Utahans to manage this city. I believe the citizens of this city would like to see you act as such, using fairness, honesty and transparency.

From Costa Rica To Majestic USA

By Karena Rogers, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: News, Education, Today

Wasden has taught at Majestic Elementary for over four years now as an immersion aide. She is impressed with how quickly her students learn a new language, and says that it has been an incredible honor to open the minds of the children.

An Early Head Start

By Ty Gorton, Jun 19, 2015, Categories: Education, Today

Ever wish you could go back in time to impart some wisdom to your eighth-grade self? There are two exceptional kids at West Jordan Middle School who most likely won’t ever have to reflect on that concern.

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