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Letter to the Editor: TANKS

Aug 23, 2016 04:42PM ● Published by Tori LaRue

A tank

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Tanks should not be called assault vehicles because there is already a vehicle called the “Assault Vehicle”. The difference between tanks and assault vehicles is, tanks have a long canon barrel and use tracks. The assault vehicle has a machine gun and a shot range grenade thrower and they can drive on land and in water and a tank can’t. When someone says “assault vehicle” I think of Humvees or the assault vehicle not tanks. If a General said, use an assault vehicle, I wouldn’t know what to use, a tank, a Humvee or an assault vehicle. So, assault vehicle is a very general term. And that is why tanks should not be called assault vehicles but should be called tanks.

By: Austin Ashby

Age 12

Scout Troop 847

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