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West Jordan Journal

Crossroads Fitness

Oct 16, 2014 08:54AM ● By City Journals Staff
7046 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan, UT 84084
(801) 212-9192

 What have been your reasons for wanting to get back into shape!? So you could be with your grandkids when they got older? Or maybe because you want to have lived a full life with no limits due to health complications? Whatever your reason is for wanting to become more physically fit, we at Crossroads Fitness strive to not just be another gym but a community. A place where you can come and be supported in your goals. Where asking for help isn't a bother but an opportunity for us to help.

What we do is pretty self-explanatory. We offer great equipment and a great environment for you and your loved ones. We also offer great opportunities to meet with our well certified and experienced trainers who can add more help and insight to the specific goals you may have. We want to contribute to our community one family or individual at a time. Please stop by our West Jordan location next to Harbor Freight on Redwood and you'll see that we truly aren't just another gym.               l