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City Council Approves $4 Million Transfer To Storm Drain Fund

Nov 14, 2014 01:52PM ● By Sherry Sorensen
Relief may finally be in sight for some West Jordan residents who’ve suffered perpetual flooding of their homes for the past 30 years. 

Recently, the city council approved a resolution to transfer $4 million from the city’s solid waste fund into its storm drain fund. The money was initially collected from residents over the years to construct a transfer station when the TransJordan Landfill is full. 

However, city officials recently learned that the landfill is also setting funds aside for the transfer station, freeing up the city money to be used elsewhere.

A study was commissioned earlier this year to evaluate the entire storm drain system, but the approved funds will likely go toward fixing flooding problems around Constitution Park.

“It’s my opinion that this will help expedite the new design of the storm drain system in an area that has received ongoing flooding,” Mayor Kim Rolfe said. “After we get the storm drain study back from our consultants, we’ll see if it confirms exactly where the problem area is. Then we can approve the funds for that project to be designed and constructed.”

Rolfe hopes to have the study results by December, allowing ample time for design and construction to begin in the spring.

In August, residents who live near the park petitioned the council for relief after water from the storm drain system once again flooded their streets, spilling into yards, garages and basements during several heavy rainstorms.           l