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West Jordan Journal

Vote-by-mail Plan Will Save City Money

Apr 17, 2015 06:28PM ● By Tom Haraldsen
West Jordan City will once again allow voters to cast their ballots by mail. The city has entered into an interlocal cooperation agreement with Salt Lake County’s election division to provide Vote-by-mail election services for this fall’s municipal election.

The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 11 this year, with the general election set for Nov. 3. During the 2013 municipal elections, West Jordan was one of two cities in the county that conducted a Vote-by-mail election. Voter turnout more than doubled in both those cities, compared to the previous election. This year, almost all cities in Salt Lake County are going to utilize the Vote-by-mail process.

As part of the agreement, Salt Lake County will provide ballot layout, design, ordering and printing; machine programming and testing, delivery of supplies and equipment, operate an election vote center and early voting locations, administer absentee ballots, update county websites with voter information; tabulate, report and canvass election results, conduct recounts as needed, handle all public notices, and make direct payment of all costs associated with the election, including poll works, sites, etc.

Salt Lake County has ensured the cost of the election will not exceed an estimate of $160,383.88, which was based on the voter turnout in 2013. By comparison, a consolidated polls election was estimated to cost $169,295.88, and the cost of traditional polls was estimated at just over $180,000.

Voter information about the program will be mailed to residents of West Jordan this summer.