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Fox Hollow Elementary Celebrates French Culture

May 15, 2015 07:18PM ● By Bridget James
West Jordan - On May 7, Fox Hollow Elementary celebrated French culture with their French Cultural Night. The theme was “Tour de France,” and throughout the night students read fun Tour de France facts and offered raffle drawings. “With the support of parent volunteers, Smith’s and the school council, who donated $500, [they] greatly aided in making the night a success,” Jessica Louk, third grade French immersion teacher at Fox Hollow Elementary, said.

Fox Hollow Elementary, in West Jordan, is a dual French immersion school. Across the Salt Lake Valley, there are a number of dual immersion schools, which are great opportunities for young students to learn a second language and embrace other cultures. (For more information on dual immersion schools in Utah, visit “Any language immersion program is beneficial for students, since learning a language at a young age fosters proficiency, in comparison to learning a language at a later point in life,” Louk said. “Immersion aids students in realizing that English is not the only language spoken in the world, and fosters appreciation of other cultures.”

During the evening, French students from each immersion class presented information on one aspect of French culture. The first and fourth-grade students focused on major French artists and re-created certain pieces to put on display. In addition, the first graders shared information on major French food, and Smith’s grocery store donated food at a discounted rate so the students could make a French food sampler plate for all participants. The second graders focused on a few traditional French songs that they sang to the audience, and performed several traditional dances to accompany their music.

The third graders focused on major French individuals and innovators. “They researched their background and created self-portraits, timelines on their iPad and a game-based quiz for their audience to play following their presentation,” Louk said. In addition, several groups of students researched the history of the French baguette, French cheese and French chocolate.    
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