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May 15, 2015 07:22PM ● By Crystal Couch
West Jordan - The Healthy West Jordan Committee works to promote a healthy lifestyle within the City of West Jordan. They recently wrapped up a contest that promoted just that. It was a weight-loss program designed around a balanced, nutritional diet and exercise. They divided the contestants up into two groups: male and female. The contest was not based on pounds lost, but on total weight loss percentage

Photo taken after 32 pounds of weight loss for contestant John Trump. Photo courtesy of John Trump

Retired 68-year-old John Trump was one of the many contestants. He is a local resident of West Jordan and decided to enter the contest after seeing a flyer. He was having difficulty with everyday things, and his clothes were not fitting the way they should, so, with the love of a good competition, he entered. He encountered a few health concerns along the way that prevented him from working out every week during the 14-week competition, but he still prevailed. He began his journey at 272 pounds, 49% body fat and ended at 240 pounds, 35% body fat. “The thing that was most helpful was actually doing the weigh-ins,” he said. “That was literally what kept me going, knowing every Tuesday I had to go in.”

Another contestant, 42-year-old Brady Dransfield, joined the contest after a recent visit to his doctor. Brady had a kidney transplant in 1994 and, after his doctor voiced his concern about the direction of his health, he came to the conclusion that it was time to make some changes to his lifestyle. Brady is the father of three children, ages 9-15, and a husband of a supporting wife for the last 20 years. He credits the program for giving him the motivation he needed to reach his goal, and he lost an overall 18.55% body fat, taking second place in the competition.  “I did a lot of walking, push-ups and sit-ups,” he said. “If I was sitting down watching TV, I would get up and walk on the treadmill. So every moment I was down I made sure I would get up and do something.” Brady encourages others to not wait until your health is declining to become active and eat healthier. “Health is more important than junk food and letting your weight go.”

Individuals were not the only ones that benefited from this program. Josh and Sarah Holladay, also of West Jordan, said their whole family got involved. Josh spoke fondly of his wife, stating that she would get up every day and had a morning routine that involved their kids, including their 18-month-old. “The Biggest Loser program kind of brought us all together,” Josh said. “We got into a healthier diet, and from there it was a snowball effect.” 

Healthy West Jordan still offers daily tips, words of encouragement, and meal plans on their blog. This contest is yearly, and, though the most recent run did come to a conclusion, there is no reason to delay starting up a journey of your own. To visit their blog, check out: