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West Jordan Journal

Sheriffs Size Up South Valley

Jun 19, 2015 06:04PM ● By Karena Rogers

Officer Thompson and Lieutenant Huth exercise their green thumbs in South Valley’s own grow house.

West Jordan - South Valley School had a special week recently with Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Protective Services Division. Students were able to participate in numerous events with officers, creating tools in the woodshop, planting in the greenhouse, bowling, learning basic public safety practices and just chatting about life. The aim of the visit was to inform and educate students of what police actually do on a daily basis, and how police can help the students, if needed.  

“We will make this an annual event,” Officer Kevin Memmott, who spearheaded the project, aptly named Sheriff’s Week, said. “It was great to answer questions about what police do for the community, and to teach these special kids about ‘stranger danger’ and how to get help during an emergency.”      

A South Valley student checks out the bells and whistles in a police car.

The 18 to 22-year-old students who attend South Valley School grapple with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. South Valley focuses on training these young adults in specific life skills, vocational work and transitioning into the community. In addition to regular school courses, South Valley contains state-of-the-art facilities which cater to all of the students’ special needs. 

“One of the main problems law enforcement faces today is a negative perception in the community,” Officer Memmott stated. “We are dedicated to changing this by reaching out to our schools and larger community to inform and educate. We are people, individuals just like you, and we work to protect and serve.”