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West Jordan Journal

Mayor Rolfe Makes A Statement

Jun 19, 2015 06:45PM ● By City Journals Staff
West Jordan - May 27 Council Meeting: 

“I have a statement I’d like to read: the right of free speech is so important to me and I will defend that right always.

After reviewing the articles in the West Jordan Journals, I want to state, on the record, some of the facts that were state in error:

First, Bryce Haderlie was not in the building on April 20 at 9:15 am.

Second, the entire city council was told the week before that he would not be there. 

Third, under the direction of city council and municipal code 1-7d-p, Police Chief Diamond has assumed the role of temporary city manager in Bryce Haderlie’s absence, many times.

Fourth, Councilmember Southworth was not at the April 17 closed door session. 

Fifth, there would only be one subject of closed-door session that the city manager would not participate in. 

Sixth, I have recordings of the closed sessions of April 8 and 17.”