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West Jordan Approves Controversial Gardner Village Development

Aug 06, 2015 10:17AM ● By Bryan Scott


By Crystal Couch

West Jordan - Joanna Noall of West Jordan has set out on a mission to bring the community a cost-free production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer  Night’s Dream.” Her newly established company, Shakespeare in the Park, began after hearing stories from her father and grandfather. 

“My dad grew up in the 1940s, and one of his memories he loved to tell me about was how every Sunday afternoon, his father and a group of his father’s friends would go out to the Nibley Park golf course,  get out on the waterway and sing barbershop songs for a couple of hours. People in the park would stop what they were doing, sit down on the bank and listen to them,” she said. “We just don’t have those impromptu concerts in the park anymore. I am hoping with Shakespeare in the Park to bring some of that sense back.”

With that inspiration behind her, she held auditions and filled the leads with a young and vibrant cast. Her rendition of the very popular play promises to give the audience two hours of laughs and a very personal, close experience to the production. Her hopes are that the members of the community will join her for the showing of her performance at the Murray Park July 27 and 28 at Pavilion 5 starting around 6:30 p.m., with the show beginning at 7. Her plans for the company are to continue to grow and expand. She is hoping to do this every summer and eventually make her way into providing performances for the schools. 

For more information about her company and updates on other performances, go to