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Breaking News: Kim Rolfe Files For Restraining Order

Aug 24, 2015 06:41PM ● By Bryan Scott
As early as tomorrow morning City Council discussions could be dictated by a District Judge. 

For those West Jordan residents who have been following the current rift in the West Jordan Council and Administrative, a new development. Late this afternoon, the West Jordan Journal was informed that Mayor Kim Rolfe had filed a case in 3rd District Court asking the court to provide him with a temporary restraining order, or injunction, against the City Council and its members.

At approximately 4:23 p.m., West Jordan City Clerk Melanie Briggs received court documents from an attorney representing Mayor Rolfe. The Petition for Temporary Restraining Order and/or Preliminary Injunction Request For A Hearing, comes as the council is suppose to discuss the mayor's authority and pay in tomorrow's city council meeting. 

We reached out to the attorney representing Mayor Rolfe, but were unable to get a comment. When looking at the web site listed for the firm, the firm primarily focuses on DUI cases. With a claim of being "Utah's Most Experienced DUI/DWI Defense Team". Journal staff will continue to attempt to reach the office.

The Journal also attempted to contact Mayor Rolfe to get his comments, but were unable to reach him. In the court documents, the mayor cites that he will be adversely affected if the council lowers his salary. 

We were able to contact Councilman Ben Southworth who said, "I just don't know what the mayor is trying to accomplish by this. I have read this document and it sounds like he has asked the judge to stop the council from discussing this issue; that is the purpose of the council, to discuss issues like this".

City Journal legal expert, said that a temporary restraining order could be delivered as soon as tomorrow. 

Tomorrow may bring a new day for West Jordan; a day where a judge decides what can be discussed at city council meetings.

We have attached the court documents. For more information please check back at or follow us on Facebook. We commit that we will try to stay up to date on this, as we believe that it is going to move fast.