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Police: Man killed in standoff wanted gunfight with officers

Aug 29, 2015 12:55PM ● By Rhett Wilkinson

Police say Kyle Lambrose, pictured with family, wanted to engage police in gunfights. He shot himself at the same time police shot him. Photo courtesy GoFundMe

By Rhett Wilkinson

West Jordan - A man dead after a standoff situation previously indicated that he wanted to engage officers in gunfights, police said Friday.

Kyle Lambrose, 27, was shot and killed Wednesday in a hostage situation at the same time he shot himself, after barricading his family in his house. He was prepared for a gunfight with police and told his wife that he was going to do it, Police Chief Douglas Diamond said at a news conference.

Lambrose also told several individuals that he was suicidal and had “angst” against police officers, believing that they aren’t being “held accountable.” Lambrose made such statements “in the past few weeks or months,” Diamond said.

Almost simultaneously to firing his first, Sgt. Mitch Soper shot heard a gunshot from Lambrose, reinforcing Soper's decision to shoot, Diamond said. Soper fired five rounds, hitting Lambrose four times.

A medical examiner determined after an autopsy that Lambrose’s shot was self-inflicted, to the head.

Lambrose's wife called police at 2:31 p.m. and Lambrose was shot at 3:39 p.m. Wednesday at 9493 South Alane Hollow Road (6450 West). She said that afternoon that her husband was suicidal and may hurt their three children.

Lambrose and his wife had marital issues, Diamond said. The children are 7, 4 and 3 years old.

Diamond said officers tried to negotiate with Lambrose for about an hour, to no avail. Two officers ended up using a nearby ladder to climb up to the second floor in an effort to help the wife and children out of the house.

Lambrose then approached the room with his family. Then one of the officers to ripped off the screen and climbed inside. Soper, an Iraqi war veteran who has worked for the West Jordan police department for 17 years, said he stepped between Lambrose and the children because he saw a handgun coming through the doorway pointing at them. Lambrose also pointed the gun at police, Diamond said.

When police arrived, Lambrose was holding his wife and three children hostage inside the home. He placed obstacles throughout the house along with weapons and ammunition. Multiple magazines, along with three long guns, two rifles and a shotgun, were all loaded, Diamond said. Lambrose posted several photos to his Facebook page of him with weapons.

The family was unharmed and no officers were injured.

Police said the officers were not wearing body cameras; the department owns 16, Diamond said. The department employs more officers than that.

Audio of the incident was released. While police asked him to let the children out of the house, Lambrose said that he was “having a bad year.”

"Your kids need you," an officer said.

While acknowledging hatred currently held for police, Diamond said that he believes the majority of West Jordan, state and nation support police.

“A vocal minority is being heard,” he said.

Video: Kyle Lambrose engaged with a police in a standoff before he shot himself and was shot simultaneously. Courtesy West Jordan Police Department (abbreviated video)

Video: Kyle Lambrose engaged with a police in a standoff before he shot himself and was shot simultaneously. Courtesy West Jordan Police Department (complete video)