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Children’s Justice Center Annual Day of Hope Fundraiser

Oct 08, 2015 11:55AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Megan Mahajan

West Jordan - Mr. Rogers is quoted as saying, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.” If this definition is correct, then the staff and volunteers at the Children’s Justice Center are heroes indeed.

While most of us see children as playful, carefree, imaginative and happy, there is a sad truth when it comes to children that many do not know exists. The Children’s Justice Center helps over 1,600 child victims of physical and sexual abuse each year, while so many more go unheard or unassisted. 

The Children’s Justice Center provides a source of hope and healing for these children, offering them a safe place to discuss the abuse that has taken place. They create an atmosphere that allows the legal process to be a positive experience and keeps the child from experiencing any additional unnecessary trauma.

The Children’s Justice Center’s mission is: “Restoring children’s trust in all of us.” They ensure that even the smallest voices are heard and rally around each and every child to make sure they receive everything that they need. Within just a couple of hours of arriving at the Children’s Justice Center, hope is restored.

Other incredible services that the Children’s Justice Center offers include crisis intervention and advocacy services, emergency funds for clients with urgent needs, coordination for medical care with Primary Children’s Medical Center and so much more.

As part of their ongoing efforts to raise funds, support and awareness, the Children’s Justice Center holds an annual “Day of Hope” car show. 

At this year’s event, classic cars of every make, model, year and color were lined up on display, and many had added accessories to make them even more presentable. Vendors were among those presenting awards to the cars, and the decisions were not easy to make. 

Along with the car show, this year’s Day of Hope featured “Food Truck Wars” and a reptile show from Scales and Tales. Veterans Memorial Park overflowed with families and individuals who came to support the event.

Games for children were set up, but perhaps the most popular attraction was the stuffed animal area. Young volunteers crowned each boy or girl with a crown or tiara and sent them into a special area to select a stuffed animal of their own. Children walked up and down the rows of animals, finding it impossible to choose just one to call their own.

The “Day of Hope” is truly a day to be celebrated. Raising awareness and speaking for children who cannot always speak for themselves is truly a heroic undertaking. The Children’s Justice Center’s mission is unlike any other and certainly any child they have helped would say that they are heroes in their eyes.

To become a hero for a child in need, contact the Children’s Justice Center at 385-468-4580 and ask about volunteering your time or making a cash donation.