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Safety Assembly at Westland Elementary

Oct 08, 2015 12:47PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Margaret Spencer

West Jordan - Westland Elementary, home of the Wildcats, began the school year with a safety assembly on Monday, Aug. 31, where they were visited by their mascot as well as Police Chief Doug Diamond and a few fellow officers. The West Jordan High School marching band started the assembly off on the right foot by playing the West Jordan Jaguar fight song, while substituting “Jaguar” for “Wild Cats.” 

Excited to learn about safety, the children were pleasantly surprised when a police motorcycle roared its way into the gymnasium. The officers had also brought their friend and colleague, Bronco the police dog. They did a demonstration of his skills for the children and Bronco performed spectacularly. Chief Diamond talked with the children about being safe at school and when walking to or from school. He went over safety rules for being dropped off or picked up, as well as proper crosswalk and crossing guard procedures.

Some of the tips on safety they talked about were walking in groups and with friends, and having a safe word for children to ask for when someone besides their parents are picking them up. Included were tips about stranger danger: what to be aware of and how to avoid it. He used the example that adults should never be asking a child for directions or help, and what to do if someone does. 

They also watched a short video on safety that included a few of their very own Westland fellow students. “The students loved seeing some of their friends and fellow students in the video,” Principal Barbara Yost said. 

The “Walk More in Four” Utah Department of Transportation program that is being highlighted in the month of September was also discussed.  This program encourages children to walk or bike to school at least three days a week for their health. There is a paper that can be downloaded and filled out for every day that the child walks or bikes to school. 

As an added surprise, the children were given little papers to pledge to follow safety rules and signed their names. These papers were then entered into a drawing for a green scooter with a pink helmet that UDOT had supplied. Rylin McBeth of the third grade won this exciting prize, and for participating, everyone else was given a chocolate bar that had been donated by Steve from World’s Finest. 

Brushing up on safety tips and stranger danger tips is a great way to start off the new year. Having the support of the West Jordan Police Department and Bronco, these little Wildcats will do their best to stay safe and help others to be safe, too.

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