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West Jordan Journal

Natural Gas Customers Advised to Use Caution

Dec 30, 2015 05:05PM ● By Rachel Hall

To ensure the safe and efficient operation of natural gas equipment, Questar Gas reminds customers to keep snow from burying exhaust and intake vents, and from piling up on natural gas meters.

Natural gas appliances such as furnaces and water heaters vent combustion byproducts to the outside, and many of these appliances also get their combustion air from the outside. Some intake and exhaust vents are on the roof, but many are near ground level. Regardless, it’s important these vents are completely unobstructed by ice or snow. Clear vents will keep pilot lights burning and will allow appliances to operate safely and efficiently.  

The company also advises customers to be careful when shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks or roofs to avoid burying and possibly damaging natural gas meters.  Piling snow onto the meter can damage it and/or cover the regulator vent, causing the meter to malfunction. Significant accumulation of snow on the meter should be carefully cleared away to ensure proper operation. Customers are responsible for protecting the gas meter.

Also, customers should not store or lean metal objects such as wheelbarrows, ladders, trash cans, bicycles and/or gardening tools. When metal objects come in contact with the meter, it interferes with the system that protects the meter and associated piping from corrosion.

Keeping meters free from snow and other obstacles also allows for easy access to the shut-off valve in the event of an emergency.