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High Schools Duel in Spirit Competition

May 05, 2016 04:47PM ● By Tori La Rue

By Tori La Rue | [email protected]

West Jordan - West Jordan and Copper Hills High Schools dueled it out to find out who would be deemed the school with the most school spirit by one of their most frequented fast-food joints. 

The Chick-fil-A in Jordan Landing at 7676 Campus View Drive held two competition spirit nights in April — one for Copper Hills on April 6 and one for West Jordan on April 7. Chick-fil-A employees decked the restaurant with school jerseys and school-colored balloons and streamers. 

Both nights, more than a hundred high school students packed into the building, playing games led by Chick-fil-A workers, including a chicken nugget throwing contest, where contestants tried to toss pieces of chicken into their teammate’s mouth, a chicken-sandwich eating contest and a shake drinking contest, among other games and drawings. 

It was the first time the restaurant had this type of spirit night competition. Kathleen Whiting, marketing director for Chick-fil-A, came up with the idea to have a friendly competition between West Jordan’s high schools and reward the school with the most school spirit and sales with $500, and give the other participating school $250. Both schools jumped on board with the idea, Whiting said. 

“It’s a chance to bring our community together, show some school spirit, raise some money for Chick-fil-A and get some money for our school and have a lot of fun,” Brianne Jensen, West Jordan High’s senior class president, said. 

West Jordan High School brought their band, cheerleaders, teams and mascot to Chick-fil-A, which set them apart from Copper Hills, Whiting said, but overall, Copper Hills had a greater percentage of sales, so Chick-fil-A presented them with a $500 check and West Jordan with a $250 check. 

Sophia Larrossa of West Jordan High said she didn’t care if they won or not because the event ended up being so much fun.

“It’s about the spirit and about the community, not about the funds,” Sophia said. “We love our school. I’d support it in any way.” 

Sophia participated in several of the Chick-fil-A games, and won the large shake drinking contest for the school, gulping down her shake faster than any other participant. 

“The brain freeze got a little much at times, but I was able to pace myself and win,” she said. 

Kaden Kennard, sophomore at West Jordan, said he didn’t participate in any of the special activities, but wanted to support his school by trying to get as many people into Chick-fil-A as he could. Kennard brought four of his friends, who went to other high schools and middle schools, to the restaurant on April 7 in an effort to help West Jordan win the competition. 

Copper Hill high students also had fun at their spirit night, Aubrey Birrell, Copper Hills student, said. 

“It was cool to see all of our students come to Chick-fil-A to support our school, and show our grizzly pride,” Aubrey said. “Copper Hills is a very competitive school and this was perfect for us. I’m glad that I got to come support my school and eat some awesome food at Chick-fil-A.” 

Tyson Eyre, of Copper Hills, said parents and students came out to support Copper Hills in their competition spirit night. 

“It was fun to see such a big turnout to support Copper Hills,” he said. “I’m grateful for a supportive student body. I just want to thank Chick-fil-A for hosting the event.”

Because of the great turnout, Chick-fil-A will continue to offer events like this into the future, Whiting said.