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West Jordan Journal

The Art Cottage

Aug 04, 2016 04:11PM ● By Bryan Scott

Nestled in the heart of the Historic Gardner VillageThe Art Cottage serves as a gallery for local artists and a learning center for artistic hopefuls.

The Art Cottage is opening a lovely gallery to showcase a family of local artists and their fellow Utah artisans. Upstairs will be ArtSmart – a school to teach all ages the joy of art expression.

With classes for children, youth and adults, paint parties, date nights, coloring book clubs and girls’ nights out, the Art Cottage has something for everyone. They will also offer the best prices in town on framing, with professionals trained to help you choose the perfect finishing touch for your art pieces.

To further enhance original art as well as prints and gallery wraps, stunning home décor and art related gifts and jewelry will be available in this charming Victorian cottage.

“Everyone who comes through our door will be invited to sit down for a quick watercolor lesson. It will be fun and friendly!” says resident artist and general manager Bonnie Merrill. 

Merrill also quoted the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson in describing art: “The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” It is proven that children who take art lessons do better in school. The practice of drawing and painting grows neurons in the brain at every age. It is a fabulous de-stressor!

Come and celebrate the Grand Opening on August 5th and 6th! We’ll be pleased to meet you, and to share our art, our food, and our joy in becoming part of the Gardner Village family!