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Copper Rim development plan confirmed

Jun 05, 2018 12:32PM ● By City Journals Staff

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

A recently rezoned plot of land was reviewed in a public hearing on May 9. The development plan, called Copper Rim, is in the concept phase.

Kent Andersen, the new economic development director for West Jordan City is overseeing this plan.

“This is a 205-acre development that will include a mix of residential and commercial uses,” Andersen said. “The proximity to the Mountain View Corridor interchange at 7800 South makes this property a prime site for development.

There are zones for residential, open space and commercial use. The land is divided into 10 zones and will be constructed in phases over the next several years. The residential spaces range from medium density with single-family dwellings to very high density with senior living units. In total there will be 753 units of living space. In medium-density lots, the minimum distance between the house and the property line is 5 feet, as it is here. Thirty-seven percent of the space is classified as open space that includes walking trails, parks and “tot lots.” 

The commercial lot is currently in marketing phase. No tenants are scheduled to move into the space.

There was some public comment about the project. Steve Jones, a West Jordan resident, is concerned about fire and police availability with the increase of residents.

“Where’s our budget to increase our fire?” he said. “That directly affects me because all a sudden, they’re spending all their time over in this high-density homes, and they’re a long way from me when I need them.” Fire and police confirmed this concern.

“As you’re aware, we do have a station right off 7800 South and 6400 West,” said Fire Chief Clint Petersen. “It’s a small station, five handed. Depends on what goes in there if an aerial will be needed; if it’s 2 or 3 stories, aerial is quite a ways away. We might want to consider that.”

“It concerns us with population increase,” said Police Chief Doug Diamond. "And typically with high density, obviously that increases even a little bit more as well. So that does concern us as well.”

Julia Glade is a resident in the community just north of the new development. She expressed another concerned.

“One thing that I want the council to take in consideration: if you go down 7000 South, the road narrows, and people are already parking on the street, so it becomes like a one-car lane,” she said. “Also, there’s a school, and there’s a ton of kids that go to that school and walk down that street, walk down those sidewalks and you have cars speeding up and down that lane even when there’s pedestrian walking signs. I rarely see cars stop for the elementary school. Please widen the road for the safety of the community.”

Widening of 7000 South adjacent to the new development is part of the construction plan, as well as a bridge connecting across the Mountain View corridor, but dates have not been set.

The concept plan was passed in favor 5-2, with Council members Kayleen Whitelock and Zach Jacob being the dissenting votes.