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West Jordan Journal

West Jordan residents hope to avoid 4th of July parking problems

Jun 27, 2018 01:10PM ● By City Journals Staff

Palmer said that illegally parked cars made it so no one on her street could leave their house during last year's parade. (Courtesy of Jackie Palmer)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

If you're going to attend the West Jordan Western Stampede festivities on the 4th of July, don't park in front of people's driveways.

That's the message that Jackie Palmer would like festival attendees to be aware of when they go looking for a place to park near the Veterans Memorial Park.

In recent years, Palmer said she has been blocked in by cars parked illegally in front of her driveway during the event, preventing her from leaving her house.

"The side streets become unbearable for those living on them," she told the West Jordan Journal.

Traffic Sargeant Munnelley of the West Jordan Police Department said that residents should call the department's non-emergency dispatch line (801-840-4000) if people are parking in front of their driveways. 

"But if people are legally parked on the sides of the streets, there's nothing we can do about that," said Munnelley.