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West Jordan City Council does not support $30,000 employee party

Jul 20, 2018 12:59PM ● By City Journals Staff

Office summer parties are common in most places of employment. But, when tax funds are used, the city council may choose how much can be spent for city employee celebrations.

By Erin Dixon | [email protected] 

During the same city council meeting where increases to residents’ fees for water, sewer and property tax were discussed, there was a request for the council to approve $30,000 for a city employee summer party at Boondocks. 

Most members of the council were uncomfortable with spending that amount of money for a party but would be open to other less costly ideas. 

Councilmember Chris McConnehey was opposed to the idea. 

“Thirty-thousand dollars would do a lot of good,” he said. “I’d be happy to allow an amount to be approved, but $30,000 just seems too high. I have a real hard time supporting that.” 

Mayor Jim Riding and Councilmember Alan Anderson were also very resistant to the amount. 

“It’s a big ask in light of all the things we have going on right now, with water and sewer and those kinds of things,” Anderson said. “It is in no way a reflection of my feelings toward our staff. I hope they understand that it’s a hard ask.” 

“I too am struggling when we’re trying to do a truth in taxation; we’re trying to adjust our water fees, our sewer fees, our stormwater fees, all these things and then to spend this kind of money,” Riding said. “I would have to speak against the motion.” 

Ultimately, there was no motion to pass or deny the action, so it failed. There may still be funds approved for a get-together for the employees, but no specifics were given. 

McConnehey suggested that if there was frustration from the employees that they could host a water tank and invite employees to take a shot to dunk all the councilmembers. 

Councilmember Chad Lamb was the only member in support of the request. “This is a chance to give back to the employees,” he said. “They can dunk everybody but me.”