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Tax aid for low/fixed income

Aug 29, 2018 04:44PM ● By Jana Klopsch

Some residents are on fixed or extremely low incomes and are unable to pay the increased property tax. (courtesy/pixabay)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

On Aug. 14,  West Jordan city council voted to increase property taxes by 18 percent. 

The residents were split on the issue and voiced their opinions at the Truth in Taxation meeting. There are many residents on a fixed or low income that can barely make ends meet and a tax increase would make their finances unmanageable. 

Dick Humphries is retired, has paid off his house and is debt free. He is also on a small fixed income and cannot afford to pay more in property taxes. “I’m proud of West Jordan; I love it here,” he said. “But I can’t spend any more money.” 

There were three more retired, disabled or low-income individuals who voiced concern about meeting the cities increase. 

Councilmember Dirk Burton referenced a tax relief that is available to residents of Salt Lake County that cannot afford the tax increase. “There is the Circuit Breaker program to help with property taxes for those on a fixed income...I think that the deadline ends in September,” he said. 

There are a few programs available through the county, including the Circuit Breaker program. 

●      Circuit Breaker is for individuals 66 or older with an income under $32,738.

●      Indigent is for individuals 65 years or older, disabled or in extreme hardship with an income under $32,738.

●      Hardship is for an individual in extreme financial hardship at any age with income and assets not exceeding $32,738. The limit is increase for each household member by $4,180.

●      Veteran, disabled or on active duty is for a veteran with a service connected disability, or the unmarried surviving spouse or minor orphan of deceased veteran that was killed in action.

●      Blind is for individual who is legally blind in both eyes or the unmarried surviving spouse or orphan of a deceased blind person. 

Visit, or call 385-468-8300 for more information and applications. 

See (article about truth in taxation meeting reference here, with page # for print, URL for digital) for more information about the Truth in Taxation meeting.