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Letter to the Editor: we need to do more to address air polution

Mar 06, 2019 01:47PM ● By Justin Adams

Let’s all be realistic. After years of complaining, all we have come up with is to lower diesel transmission levels. 

I suggest we must all take the daily steps. I am suggesting citizen arrests. I was at Smiths and two huge Ford pickup trucks were in the parking lot with engines running — no one inside the trucks. I started to choke from the exhaust fumes. With citizen arrest I could take license plate numbers and report to authorities. Tickets would be issued. Next time perpetrators would act differently. Police cannot be everywhere. 

My second recommendation is to shut down all drive-up windows — fast food, pharmacies and banks. If not, at least shut off car engines when ordering until the order comes to the car. Better yet, better to park car, go inside and take care of business. We all need to exercise more. 

Do you have any suggestions? We have to start doing something. 

Thank you, 

Alexandra Eframo

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