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West Jordan City Council grappling with how to implement new medical marijuana bill into city code

May 30, 2019 04:16PM ● By Erin Dixon

“A 4-acre cannabis grow can be very odiferous. [However,] the odor will not make you happy.” Larry Gardner, West Jordan City Planner said. (image/pixabay)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

In last November’s election, Utah voters approved the use of medical cannabis. 

West Jordan City Planner Larry Gardner explained that local governments are required by state law to allow production within their borders, if they already have industrial or agricultural zones. West Jordan has both. 

Though required to allow production, municipalities are able to put conditions on their approval. In May, the city council approved the use in the largest agricultural and industrial zones.

“The planning commission felt that the A-20 zone would be more appropriate; A-1 or A-5 are typically closer to residential areas,” Gardner said. 

Facilities will also be allowed in industrial zones.

Other regulations are already in place on the state level.

“If it’s an indoor grow facility, it cannot exceed 100,000 square feet,” Gardner said. “ If it’s an outdoor grow, it cannot exceed 4 acres. It must be blocked from the view at ground level, so it has to be behind a fence or in a building.”

Councilmember Alan Anderson was interested helping residents near facilities. 

“Would it be possible that the city required a document signed at closing that residents that are buying homes in that area recognize that they are purchasing a home in a known industrial area?” he asked.

City Attorney Rob Wall confirmed that this would be possible. 

There were no comments during the public hearing.