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Q&A with new director of Information Technology Robert Allred

Aug 06, 2019 03:41PM ● By Erin Dixon

WJ IT Director: Robert Allred comes to West Jordan as the new director of Information Technology with more than 25 years’ experience at Westminster College. (Photo/Robert Allred)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

What does a typical day look like? 

In IT, there are no typical work days. That is what makes IT so challenging and enjoyable. A successful day is when we, the IT team, have provided for the diverse technical needs of the departments across the city helping them meet their safety, security and public service goals. 

What sort of disaster recovery do you plan for? 

We need to be prepared to react to any type of disaster that could interrupt the city’s ability to conduct normal business. Examples of disasters would include natural disasters, bad actors and honest mistakes.

What are your goals for West Jordan? 

At its core, I believe that the Information Technology departments function best when they see themselves as a service first organization. The challenge and opportunity is that the pace of technological change is increasing at an increasing pace. This changing technological landscape will afford IT the opportunity to serve our residents and departments in new and increasingly connected and service-oriented ways.

What are your previous experiences, and how did they bring you to this position in West Jordan? 

I spent the last 25-plus years working at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. While at Westminster, as the chief information officer (CIO), I developed the enterprise-wide IT strategy and direction. I believe that my ability to build cross-functional teams will be the greatest strength that I will bring to the city.

 What challenges do you see for West Jordan's future?

A challenge that I look forward to working on is how we use technology to make our residents access to city services as convenient as possible. One example would be providing access to city services that we provide in person and online.