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West Jordan Journal

Letter to the Editor: election disqualifications

Oct 01, 2019 11:07AM ● By City Journals Staff


Dear Editor,

I appreciate the opportunity to express a concern about a recent disqualification of a candidate for office in West Jordan.   According to your paper Dave Newton was disqualified because he did not submit a list of donors to his campaign.   The reason he did not submit a list of donors: He did NOT accept any donations!   He ran on his own money.   As a reason for disqualification he was told he should have listed the money he gave himself.   Good grief, folks, he own that money – he does not give it to himself.   My concern:   Is this a shenanigan to keep Dave out of office?

This could definitely be a problem for a person running for office for the first time — due to inexperience they might not realize how to declare contributions.   But Dave Newton is no newcomer.   He has served as mayor and on the city council for several years.   He knows how it is done!   In talking with him about this, I learned he did NOT ACCEPT NOR DECLARE contributions when he ran in the general election for mayor, and no problem!    The printed requirements have not changed, so why the disqualification this time?

I have known Dave Newton for over 40 years and know him to be an honest and honorable man.   He is still going to run for city council — on a write-in campaign.   Let’s correct this wrong by giving Dave our vote.   Simply write his name on the ballot in November.   We need Dave Newton on the city council.


Nola Duncan