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Letter to the Editor: make the most of your vote for West Jordan's first "strong mayor"

Oct 02, 2019 01:21PM ● By City Journals Staff


Letter to the Editor:

I have lived in West Jordan for over 36 years.  Never has there been a more critical election than the one facing us now in deciding our first “Strong Mayor.”  A strong mayor is much different than the mayors of the past. A strong mayor is the CEO of a $150 million-dollar corporation with over 400 employees. A strong mayor administers the budgets and enforces the laws as decided by the City Council. He has NO vote on the budgets or the laws and municipal codes. He is the CEO and the buck stops with him in managing, leading and directing all work of the city. A strong mayor has tremendous power to administer city affairs which is why it is so critical that the mayor be fully qualified for the position. This is why I voted against the new “Strong Mayor” form of government, because anyone can run for mayor even if they are totally unqualified! To give that kind of power and position to someone with no more than a high school education and minimum experience, to lead that kind of enterprise is a scary scenario. That’s what we are facing in this election. One candidate is fully qualified, and one is woefully lacking in both education and experience.  

Therefore, I fully endorse Mayor Jim Riding to be the first strong mayor in West Jordan. Jim is fully qualified with an undergraduate degree in management and a graduate degree in business administration. He has 15 years of experience working for West Jordan City and has over 40 years of solid leadership experience. He has managed many of the major city capital projects over the past 15 years and has the experience and integrity to see they are done right. He and some of the city council have voted to bolster the police and fire departments to increase manpower and funding to keep our city safe and critical services functioning. He has not backed down to political pressure to avoid raising taxes that have been so desperately needed but neglected by prior administrations. He has the integrity and backbone to do what is right for the city regardless of political pressures to do otherwise.   

Integrity and emotional intelligence are also necessary in leading a municipality such as West Jordan. We live in a remarkable city that has come out of the darkness over the past two years under Jim’s leadership. He and the City Council have greatly improved the civility in city government. Jim has greatly improved relationships with other state and local municipalities. He is working to improve economic development and bring new business to the city. He is honest and has the integrity to state the facts, not bend the truth for his own political benefit.  

Truthfully, if you were the owner of a $150 million corporation and were looking for a CEO, who would you hire? Jim Riding’s resume would rise to the top of the list. His opponents wouldn’t make it past the front door.  

A vote for Jim Riding is a vote for our future. Please make your vote count.

Very sincerely,

Mark G. Warner

West Jordan Resident