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New electric fans will dispel toxic gases in West Jordan

Oct 07, 2019 02:20PM ● By Erin Dixon

Firefighters use new state-of-the-art fans to dispel toxic gases from emergency sites. (Photo/Tobias Macphee)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Out with the gas, in with the electric.

West Jordan firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide call in August. Typically, after the source of the problem is shut off, windows are opened, and the toxic gas is allowed to dispel on its own. The old gas-powered fans would have created a bigger problem. 

Kris Maxfield, West Jordan battalion chief is thrilled with the new fans. 

“It was neat because in the past we wouldn’t have been able to use fans at all because the fans themselves would produce carbon monoxide,” Maxfield said. “[They work] much, much quicker, so it was a pretty big deal. These new fans have been a game changer.”

Tauni Barker, communications and events coordinator for West Jordan city, said, “There are several challenges with gas-powered fans, but among the most glaring is the additional carbon monoxide produced. CO levels must be constantly monitored to ensure that firefighters are not being exposed to levels that would prove dangerous. Electric fans don’t add to the exhaust fumes associated with internal combustion. Rather, they provide cooler, cleaner air during fire overhaul and investigation.”