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West Jordan currently doesn't allow tattoo parlors, but that could soon change

Apr 06, 2020 04:12PM ● By Erin Dixon

(Photo via Pixnio)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

During a city council meeting at the end of February, Mike Johnson, owner and artist of Studio Elev8 in South Jordan, approached council with a request to change city code that currently prohibits tattoo businesses from operating in West Jordan.

“As of right now, permanent cosmetics are allowed in West Jordan, but other body art, illustrative tattooing is not,” Johnson said.

City Code defines which personal care business can receive license and which cannot. “This definition includes permanent cosmetics when done in association with another permitted use such as beauty shops and nail salons, but excludes tattoo and body engraving services.”

Council Chair Chris McConnehey said on social media, “This is why we prioritize citizen comments. We have the day-to-day things that we have to address, but there are some things that don't cross our radar until someone stands up and says something. I'm sure there will be more to hear and further conversation in the coming weeks.”

Illustrative body tattooing is allowed in South Jordan city, where Elev8 is currently located.

“I’m looking to move,” Johnson said. “ I want to come to West Jordan because I’m really impressed with the rebuilding of the city. It’s more centralized. I have a lot of people that travel from all over the world, and it makes it easier to access.”

Johnson has received supportive comments on social media.

“I used to be against and misinformed about tattoos and now I have 2 of them,” Resident Channel Achenbach said on social media. “ I got them both in 2019 in love and support to a friend that took her life and when I lost my Father, that same year. I’ll support YOU!”