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Student Spotlight: West Jordan graduate earns full-ride scholarship, MLK Youth Leadership Award

May 27, 2020 01:15PM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

Victoria Nguyen is graduating from West Jordan High School a year early, with a high school diploma and 27 college credit hours. She has been accepted to the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah on a full-ride scholarship. She is a University of Utah Martin Luther King Junior Youth Leadership Award recipient as well as a Prudential Spirit Community Award recipient.

As a first-generation Asian American and first-generation college student, Victoria has been encouraged by her family to push herself to do her best.

“Victoria is someone who will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to,” said WJHS history teacher Alyse Almond. “She has so much to give this world that her passion for business and others will end up changing her life, her community and her world.”

Almond and her passion for the subject of history has been an influence on Victoria’s decision to study business.

“My end goal was to get into a career that I really love and would be passionate about,” Victoria said.

Victoria explored her interests throughout her middle and high school years with involvement in school clubs, stage crew, student government, National Honors Society, art shows and community service. She has worked part time since the age of 14.

“I just always wanted to advance my education and try new things,” Victoria said. “So, I always experimented with different pathways.”

WJHS teachers appreciate Victoria’s humor, kindness and intelligence.

“Victoria can go from discussing complex topics in history to comforting a friend to solving a real-world problem,” Almond said.

“Victoria was such a joy to have in my zoology class,” said Britnee Eng. “Not only was she a hard worker, I really enjoyed her thoughtful comments and contributions to our classroom discussions. She is always a student that I can plan on sparking some much-needed healthy controversy surrounding animal conservation, and I enjoyed seeing her grow as both a student and a global citizen.”

Victoria has learned the importance of grit and self-care.

“If you burn yourself out, you're not helping yourself or anyone else,” she said. “It's really easy to stretch yourself thin and burn yourself out. But once you do proper care to your mental health and your physical health, you're able to do so much.”

Creating art is one way Victoria keeps her calm and focus. WJHS art teacher Angelica Barney is certain that Victoria has a successful future ahead.

“She has continued to impress me with her abilities in her organizational skills, readiness to always try to do her best and her willingness to work with others,” Barney said. “She applies time and effort in all that she does, and she wants to reach her full potential. She is engaged in her learning and growing and is passionate about her work. I believe that as she continues with her academic endeavors, she will improve the world around her.”