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The top track performances, 2 weeks in

Apr 22, 2021 12:43PM ● By Greg James

As a freshman, Brielle Davis finished fourth in the state pole vault. Two years later, she holds the state record. (Greg James/City Journals)

By Greg James | [email protected] 

It should be an exciting track and field season for West Jordan schools. 

Copper Hills and West Jordan have both established top times and state records, and the season has just begun.

Grizzly junior Brielle Davis cleared 12 feet 9 inches at the Davis Super Meet at Davis High School on March 16. That surpassed the previous record by 6 inches, established in 2019. She finished fourth as a freshman in 2019 at the state track and field finals. 

Jaguar senior Austin Klingler set a school record and won the national indoor championship in the 800 meters this winter. He has geared up to be one of the top runners in the state.

Here is a list of others to watch and the best times so far this season.

100 meters

Copper Hills: (boys) Zeth Hein, 11.35 seconds; Trey Traver, 11.56; (girls) Bailee Beck, 13.81

West Jordan: (boys) Carter Baldwin, 11.72; (girls) Gracie Sandstrom, 13.33; Audrey Wilkes, 13.98

200 meters

CH: (boys) Zeth Hein, 23.83; Benjamin Bohne, 24.94; Walter Reed, 24.97; (girls ) Bailee Beck, 29.37; Ellie Taylor, 29.58; Sadie Stock, 29.74

WJ: (boys) Zakaria Makour, 25.35; (girls) Gracie Sandstrom, 27.83; Katera Stosich, 28.51

400 meters

CH: (boys) Ethan Colton, 56.37; (girls) Elyse Gibson, 1:07.94

WJ: (boys) Phillip Hall, 57.37; (girls) Allyson Nelson, 1:05.91

800 meters

CH: (boys) Michael Ballard, 2:17.96; (girls) Kaitlyn Johnson, 2:41.19

WJ: (boys) Austin Klingler, 1:51.11; Jacob Stacy, 2:19.00; (girls) Tayleigh Ward, 3:00.26

1600 meters

CH: (boys) Karson Palmer, 5:01.00; Braden Smith, 5:03.41; (girls) Hailey Kidd, 5:39.80

WJ: (boys) Enoch Osai, 5:13.97; (girls) Kate Jackson, 5:54.06

3200 meters

CH: (boys) Braden Smith, 10:50.81; (girls) Hailey Kidd, 12:03.44

WJ: (boys) Austin Klingler, 10:58.85 

110 and 100-meter hurdles

CH: (boys) Trey Traver, 15.75; (girls) Emily Harris, 20.29; Nina Willey, 20.77

WJ: (boys) Adam Goetz, 19.45; (girls) Abagail Jackson, 17.56

300-meter hurdles

CH: (boys) Samuel Adams, 44.73; Alex Bendixen, 44.84; (girls) Nina Willey, 58.07; Kara Quincy, 58.32

WJ: (boys) Adam Goetz, 49.33; (girls) Abagail Jackson, 51.55

Shot put

CH: (boys) Mason Petit, 36’01; (girls) Emily Bodily, 29’

WJ: (boys) Syrus Webster, 47’11.5; (girls) Moriah Carter, 30’04


CH: (boys) Matthew Allred, 99’3.5; (girls) Hannah Perry, 77’07

WJ: (boys) Aleka Leausa, 115’; (girls) Moriah Carter, 68’02


CH: (boys) Damon Sirois, 125’01; (girls) Emily Bodily, 82’07

WJ: (boys) Jackson Roybal, 110’; (girls) Moriah Carter, 79’03

High Jump

CH: (boys) Benjamin Bohne, 5’06; Luke Moir, 5’06; (girls) Jaida Clark, 3’10; Avery Hiller, 3’10

WJ: (boys) Logan Prince, 5’08; Mason Baker, 5’08; (girls) Ally Wakley, 4’04

Pole Vault

CH: (boys) Josh Hutchins, 9’; (girls) Brielle Davis, 12’09

WJ: (boys) Caden Jensen, 8’ 

Long Jump

CH: (boys) Trey Traver, 20’05; (girls) Ellie Taylor, 13’09

WJ: (boys) Boston Farmers, 18’07; (girls) Abigail Jackson, 15’01