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West Jordan Journal

New bridge along Jordan River now complete

Jun 02, 2021 09:59AM ● By Linda Steele

The long awaited 24,000-pound metal bridge is finished. (Photo courtesy West Jordan)

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

The long awaited 24,000-pound metal bridge is finished. 

It replaced the old bridge that ran on the Jordan River Trail located at 7900 South 100 West. The trail is over 100 miles long from one end to the other, it connects from West Jordan into Midvale. This is a great trail for residents to recreate and be safe, there are no cars on this trail.

The new bridge traveled 1,000 miles from Wheeler Lumber in Minnesota. It took a large crane and several crew members to put in place. This is a two-part construction project on the Jordan River Trail. The first bridge project started earlier in the year, with crews removing a small bridge and built a new bridge with a box culvert with asphalt built along the Jordan River Trail. The bridge connects from West Jordan to Midvale.

The trail is important to West Jordan because it is regionally connected, people use the trail from all over. Residents will be able to cycle, walk, run on the Jordan River Trail and recreate in a safe manner.

“The bridge was an old wooden bridge beaten and worn, we put plywood over it several times to help keep it working because the trail is used a lot. I would ride my bike on the bridge several times, I wasn’t afraid to ride my bike on the trail, but you would get slivers from the wood, and it was uncomfortable to walk on.” Burton said. 

“To the south of the bridge will be the Big Bend and has a couple more years before it is finished, and make sure you are at the ribbon ceremony for the Big Bend.” Burton said.

Soren Simonsen Executive Director Jordan River Commission was also in attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

“We are so excited [about]the replacement of the bridge, this has been one of our challenging areas for the past several years because of the maintenance that has been needed, and to see this beautiful bridge replaced and will be permanent for a long time.” Simonsen said. 

Simonsen added they work with all 16 cities that touch the Jordan River to create “an incredible recreation amenity.” 

There is some history to the building of the bridge along the Jordan River Trail. Councilmember Kelvin Green was in attendance. “The Sharon Steel side was the property behind the bridge. A mere 45 years ago the environmental protection agency had the site capped so arsenic and led from the old steel mill wouldn’t leak into the river. It took them 40 years to figure out how to build through the membrane that is protecting the water. Midvale is building a trail from the Zions Bank’s operation center and Midvale will build a trail from the east side of the river to connect with the new bridge to Gardener Village track station.”

Cynthia Bee, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Outreach Coordinator was in attendance at the ceremony. Bee is helping residents be aware of their water use. Globalscapes is being taught to the public. Using Globalscapes will help support the river by conserving water.

“Seventy-five percent of water is used by homeowners for landscapes,” Bee said. “It is the obvious place to make changes and get away from all lawn landscapes. Homeowners can make small changes, like flipping a park strip, this will help support the river, by using less water, and will help preserve our water supply. Residents can stop using unfettered water, and still have a beautiful yard, and use the right techniques, and that is what we are teaching.” 

Residents can learn how to landscape their yards online at These online classes will show you the best way to landscape in Utah. This website will show you how to design your yard, create waterwise park strips and irrigation workshops.