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West Jordan restaurant looks to provide extra bit of magic

Aug 11, 2021 12:38PM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

Mystique is a vintage of old-world decor with a magical flair, combined with exquisite high-quality, world-class entertainment. There is an elegant mystical decor that brought forth the name Mystique Dining. Mystique is a historic venue of great dining and entertainment located in West Jordan. You can dine as a couple, have birthday or anniversary celebrations for a group, or a company team. You will experience fun, great entertainment, ambiance and gourmet food. 

History of Mystique Dining

Mystique Dining started in 1990. Owner Terry Commons started performing close-up magic shows. He started with a haunted mansion for Halloween. Mystique became popular, and many new ideas developed.

Mystique Chamber Mystery Theater opened at 4876 Yellowstone Avenue in Chubbuck, Idaho, on Oct. 24, 1997. The Chamber seated 16 guests with an elaborate atmosphere. A seven-course meal was served, and guests were greeted at the door by a maid and butler. 

The next facility was located at 158 East Chubbuck Road, and opened on May 14, 2001. This location was larger and seated 20 people. The entertainment was more interactive with the guests. 

Sharing the Mystique building was the Grand Hall Theater. This was the most elaborate state-of-the-art theater in the state. The sound and lighting allowed for competitive and professional performances. The theater seated 300 people and seated nearly 200 dinner guests. There was not a bad seat in the house. The theater was sold, and Mystique's name was removed in January 2016.

Mystique opened Dec. 14, 2016, in Folsom, California, by the famed Folsom Prison. The facility seated 18 people and provided world-class entertainment to people in the Sacramento area.  

The Folsom location was so popular that it led to a new location, which opened Sept. 3, 2018, in West Jordan at Gardner Village. This location seats up to 30 guests and provides a world-class magic show to Salt Lake City.

Two venues: Prestige Parlour and The Chamber Experience

The Prestige Parlour seats 50 guests. You make a reservation, and then when you arrive, you are seated at a private table. This parlor is vintage cabaret style and has a mystical magic show. Dinner is served in three courses. The menu offers comfort food to gourmet fare, with a la carte appetizers. There are specialty drinks, beer, wine and desserts. When you finish dinner, the magic show begins. The magic show can leave one in a different state of mind. 

The Chamber Experience

You will be greeted by a butler in front of two chamber doors. Then you are formally announced to the Manor’s hostess and butlers who will seat you; there are 30 seats available. Dinner is served in five courses. Guests select a main dish from several offerings and options. Dietary restrictions are accommodated. The food is exquisite and delicious. After dinner, the magic begins. Mystique has a nostalgic atmosphere of the 17th century. You feel like you are sitting at a king’s table. The music is Classical style with some songs having a Middle Eastern tone. The fireplace in the dining Chamber creates a warm relaxed ambiance at the dining table. There are decorative candles on the walls, with pictures of magicians. The mood of Mystique is relaxing and mystical. 

The food at Mystique is prepared on site by a fabulous culinary team and Mystique’s executive chef. 

The food is spectacular. You go away from Mystique feeling satisfied and not overly full. It is prepared with great expertise and talent. 

The executive chef at Mystique is Darwin Fishinghawk. His hard work and determination paid off, his desire of being a chef has led him down the path to his position at Mystique. 

Darwin was born a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribes, a hereditary chief. At a very young age Fishinghawk wanted to become a chef. He started his first restaurant job as a dishwasher at age 11. He continued working in kitchens during High School. Darwin studied computer science at Central Washington University. 

A five-star restaurant opened up in the state where he was raised. The restaurant was only interested in culinary school graduates. After his rejections, he put his foot in the door and got hired in the kitchen below a dishwasher job just so he could start his dream on his way to fine dining. His determination and hard work paid off. Andrew Wilson, the resort chef who was hired by Bill Gates, took notice of Fishinghawk ‘s passion and desire to be a chef, and he offered him one-on-one training to become a chef. Fishinghawk took the opportunity and has traveled from Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake, then to Denver and back east. He helped to open 10 restaurants in Seattle and Denver. He earned reviews from New York Times, L.A. Times and Seattle Times. He’s been featured in “Food and Wine Magazine.” 

After a fantastic five-course meal, the magic begins. The magician leaves the guests wondering, how did he do that trick? 

Steve Owens is one of the magicians at Mystique. Owens is a 14-time award-winning magician. Owens has performed on national TV around the world. He has been featured on TV for more than 300 million people. Owens has performed with celebrities such as Patrick Stewart, Paul Riser and Arsenio Hall. There are many world-renowned magicians that perform at Mystique who have performed all over the world and national TV.

Owens is from California. He performs magic shows in Folsom, California. “I really like the administration at Mystique; it is very unique,” he said. “It’s fun to do magic in a unique small audience at a unique restaurant like Mystique.” 

“What I love most about Mystique Dining is that our magicians are world renowned and extremely talented,” said Director of Marketing Whitney Foote. “We have a new magician every one to two weeks, so you can keep coming back to Mystique again and again for a new experience. Mystique boasts two separate venues with a unique and rich atmosphere where guests enjoy a gourmet dinner before participating in an evening of magic presented by the best magicians in the world.” 

What Guests like about Mystique

The guests enjoy Mystique’s ambiance, mystical, magical relaxing and delicious food. The service is professional. After you are seated, music is playing, and the table is set up with a beautiful red tablecloth and placemats, beautiful gold plates, glasses, and red napkins that match the tablecloth and placemats. The hostesses are always right there, taking drink orders, filling water glasses, keeping plates picked up after each course and serving the five-course meal with professionalism and are very kind. 

The hostess announces what each portion is right before they serve it. The service is fantastic, and the magic show is amazing. Mystique is a great place to enjoy a night out. Children are welcome as long as their behavior doesn’t disturb other guests. The Grand Chamber shows are presented to an adult mentally and can be frightening and intense for small children. Discretion is advised for children under 13, and children under 8 are strongly discouraged. Dress casual. 

Guests who have expressed their experience about Mystique

“I like how the guests waited in the holding room, then the hostess called the guests by their name, and they were seated at the dining table,” said guest Mike Seth. “The service is professional. The guests are greeted at the table with an appetizer. It is a five-course meal. After each course, the hostess announces what is coming before each course and what it is. After each course, the plates are picked up. The food is great, the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing with classical music, and a fireplace. The magician is fun and entertaining to watch his magic tricks.”  

“A highly exciting place to dine and be entertained and let your mind relax,” said guest Aja Combs