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Monster Truck Rally, new event in West Jordan

Sep 01, 2021 03:40PM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

Big trucks, big wheels, amazing tricks and a lot of dirt will be the first time for the Monster Truck Rally, sponsored by the city of West Jordan. After a long year, residents may be ready to get out and experience new things. 

“We’re ready to kick off the spookiest season of the year, with the city’s first-ever Monster Truck Rally,” said Tauni Barker, director of Community Engagement and Government Affairs. “Motor on over to the West Jordan Arena, Sept. 18 to watch some of the largest, lifted, specialized trucks roar around the dirt, as they scramble over obstacles and turn mind-bending tricks you have to see to believe.” 

This event is beneficial for community engagement. After the loss of last year's events because of COVID, West Jordan officials are ready to move on events that have happened and sponsor the new Monster Truck Rally at the West Jordan Rodeo Arena.

 “It's beneficial getting the community back together, and it’s safe,” said Marie Titze, senior digital communication specialist. “After 2020 events were cancelled, the community lost relationships with the community.” 

The West Jordan Park is beneficial for the residents since it was first built in 1954 and started entertaining an audience. Later, the park was redesigned and improved and moved to a new location (8125 South 2200 West). It is a great addition to West Jordan to have rodeo grounds and part of the exciting history and growth of West Jordan. The rodeo grounds are fun and exciting and host a lot of events. With the growing community of West Jordan, the grounds are good for the residents; they are close, cutting down on travel time. 

“Having events is part of the city's history,” Titze said. “It is safe and is sponsored by the city of West Jordan. We are excited to do the Monster Truck Rally and bring the community together.” 

“It’s no secret that West Jordan is having amazing events this fall,” Barker said. “After a long year without gatherings and good old-fashioned family fun, we are excited to see the return of some of the city’s most beloved traditions. With so many of those events hosting sell-out crowds, it’s the perfect year to add a bit more fun to our regularly scheduled lineup.”

If you like big wheels that do tricks and jumps in the dirt and have you wondering, “How did they do that,” then this could be the perfect event for you. The event will have you stomping and yelling, and the trucks will be loud. You should wear ear plugs, and young children will need headphones. 

You can get out and experience this new event and tell your family and friends. Event organizers hope it will bring the community together and provide people with a new event to attend to every year. The event could be a good way to kick off fall. Go to for more information.