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West Jordan Journal

West Jordan one of the fastest-growing cities in America

Oct 05, 2021 10:12AM ● By Linda Steele

Linda Steele | [email protected]

Did you know that West Jordan City is the third-most populated city in Utah? 

The city’s growing business community is thriving, with diversity and a wide range of retailers and restaurants. With the city growing so rapidly, there is a big list of manufacturing and industrial companies. The city’s community contributes to Utah’s job force and consumer offerings. 

“West Jordan businesses are the heart of our city’s economy, contributing to our community by providing good jobs, services and amenities,” said Chris Pengra, West Jordan Economic Development director. “Economic development is vital to help enhance our community not just for today, but for future generations.” 

The top priority for the city’s economic development team is to redevelop older areas and vacant buildings. The buildings need attention and new investments. The reuse of vacant big-box retail buildings has made a big impact in West Jordan. 

A lot of renovation and redevelopment is happening in West Jordan. Some of the vacant buildings have been revitalized, becoming the new corporate headquarters for local companies worldwide. Some of the companies include Walker Edison (in the former Shopko building), Sportsman’s Warehouse (in the former Granite Furniture building) and The Grace Companies (in the former Target building on Redwood Road). 

Other old buildings are being revitalized. These include Smith & Edwards and Ace Hardware, which was in the former R.C. Willey building. Soon to be announced will be a national specialty grocer that will be in the former K-Mart building. 

“As retail trends ebb and flow with the influence of eCommerce and other new technologies, business growth in our city will flourish if we can provide attention and resources to help businesses adapt to new economic trends,” Pengra said.

Other large corporations include, Cypress Credit Union, Granger Medical, SME Steel, Arctic Circle, American United Federal Credit Union, Sprinkler Supply, National Benefits Services, Sungz USA, Beddy’s and many other growing companies. It has been recently announced that University Credit Union plans to construct several new buildings and move its headquarters to West Jordan. These corporations provide quality jobs for the city’s residents. 

The economic development team on a regular basis contacts regional retailers to promote West Jordan community and invite national and regional retailers to locate in West Jordan. Many well-known retailers have opened up new stores along the city’s high-traffic corridors and intersections at retail hubs such as Jordan Landing Shopping Center and Gardner Village. By the end of the year, there will be many well-known retailers. There are grocery stores and convenience stores opening up or will be opening as well. 

Some residents are surprised to know there are more than 170 restaurants and places to eat out in West Jordan. There is a range of restaurants from fast food to elegant dining. There’s down-home American comfort food to exotic flavors from all around the world. In 2020, there were many restaurants struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most restaurants in West Jordan thrived because the city’s residents supported the restaurants taking advantage of the take-out and delivery services. Thirteen new restaurants opened in West Jordan in 2020, and more have opened up this year. With the diverse restaurants they contribute to the city’s culture and provide very good service to the residents. 

The Southwest Quadrant in the southwest corner of the City’s boundaries has drawn attention with its available land and growing industrial-business parks. Amazon has two buildings and has facilitated more than 1,000 new jobs in West Jordan. 

West Jordan is home to many large building-supplier companies that provide steel, lumber and building materials contractors all over the state and out of the state as well.

With the huge economic growth happening in West Jordan, what does this mean for the residents? The future job growth in West Jordan over the next 10 years is predicted to be 42.2%. The median household income in West Jordan is $69,404 a year. The median home cost in West Jordan is $354.200. The median cost in Utah is $338,200. 

The economic outlook of West Jordan is rapidly booming, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Local businesses have reported banner fiscal years, and the development of new and existing business will continue at a fast pace, according to city officials. The city’s economic development team is eager for what’s to come and the team is working to provide resources to help businesses thrive in their ongoing operations and growth. 

“The economic growth in our city is exciting,” Mayor Dirk Burton said. “We are grateful that businesses are choosing to invest here, and their success doesn’t happen without the residents supporting our businesses in West Jordan.”