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West Jordan community invited to Paws for a Cause

Dec 09, 2021 03:53PM ● By Jet Burnham

Students and community members donate to the Paws for a Cause charity drive. (Photo courtesy of Julia Basinger.)

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

You never outgrow Paws for a Cause, Copper Hills High School’s annual charity drive. Class of 2018 alum Kathryne Pyne, who helped organize the event when she served on student government, is still thinking of ways to help the school raise money for charity.

“That was always my favorite part during high school, at Christmas, just being able to take so much time to serve,” said Pyne, who still loves serving her community. When she began working for Sponsr, a fundraising company for students, she immediately thought of CHHS’s charity drive.

“As somebody who's very passionate about Paws for a Cause, I thought that would be a super-awesome opportunity for them to make some good money,” she said. “What I love about it is that the kids keep 100%.”

As a marketing arm, Sponsr connects local businesses with customers. As a fundraising avenue, they provide a link ( to their platform that credits CHHS students when their friends and family members set up an appointment for a marketing pitch. For each appointment and for each purchase, Paws for a Cause will receive a donation. 

“It's nice because a lot of people in our community, the ones that don’t necessarily have the money to donate—it's a nice way that they can contribute to Paws for a Cause,” SBO Vice President Julia Basinger said.

CHHS clubs each have their own link and are competing to be the top earner. Sponsr offers prize incentives for individual students, too. 

Paws for a Cause is focused on community. All the money raised funds community members’ needs, such as paying for Christmas gifts and medical or funeral expenses.

During Odd Jobs, which will run throughout November and December, students go door-to-door offering to do any job, small or large, for community members in exchange for a donation.

The student government team has planned even more spirit nights this year to support local businesses and involve more community members. The Arctic Circle by CHHS will donate a portion of the sales of Grizzly Shakes. Details and dates of events can be found on Instagram @chpride.

Community members are invited to attend the annual Grizzlies Got Talent talent show Dec. 10. This year’s event will feature a 3-year-old boy in need of a liver transplant, who will receive some of the funds raised this year. SBO President Aidan Sullivan said it will be good for audience members to see one of the kids they are raising money for and help them understand the impact of the charity drive.

“It’s for the people to see this is why we do Paws for a Cause,” Sullivan said.

Students will have daily opportunities to contribute to the cause. Student government members will sell muffins and comb the hallways with collection jugs. School club members will sell items and take donations for lunch time activities.

Basinger said charity season is a lot of work, and it seems as though most student government members don’t sleep at all during December. But she said it is worth it when the final earnings are announced and when they purchase gifts for kids or present funds to a community member.

“It's the best feeling in the world,” she said.