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U of U grad opens new SLC dentistry practice

Choosing a dentist is one of the biggest decisions you make in regards to your oral health. So why not choose one dedicated to getting to know you as an individual and catering a dental plan for your specific needs?

Dr. Clifford Sondrup, DDS, is a recent graduate of the University of Utah Dental School and opened his own practice in September 2021 in Salt Lake City. He brings the newest tools, techniques and procedures so patients get the best of technology and care.

“During the first visit, I start with recognizing and connecting with them,” he said. “We just talk before moving them into an exam chair. They’re a person first and then my patient.”

What sets Dr. Sondrup apart from his colleagues is the time he takes with each person. Whether it’s an annual cleaning or a more complicated procedure, he spends extra time answering questions and putting his patients at ease. 

“It takes time to do good dentistry, both in terms of building patient relationships and doing great work. I don’t want to operate on a patient who still has questions. I’d rather make the patient more comfortable. Good things take time.”

He understands that many people have a fear of dentists or dental procedures and he puts those stereotypes aside by bringing in elements of fun and lighthearted humor. Dr. Sondrup wants to build a business where his philosophy of doing good dentistry and having fun can be incorporated into every decision he makes.

Dentistry combines art and science, two things Dr. Sondrup loves. For every patient, he makes a 3D model of their teeth created by a high-tech scanner and a 3D printer. The model becomes part of the patient’s dental record to help with any reconstruction or restoration of teeth.

Sundrop Dental Clinic offers 24-hour service to accommodate dental emergencies or work schedules. Dr. Sondrup lives close to his clinic and can be in his office in minutes. He wanted to become a top-notch dentist so he could be on the front line of oral care, taking care of new generations by building trust, being kind and offering the best care available. 

He recently bought his first car after being a bicycle commuter for 15 years. He has a cat named Cycla and he works as a bartender at The Clubhouse in Salt Lake on weekends. During his time at the University of Utah, he was given the Lassonde Entrepreneurial award for student innovation for a device he made to help dentists work more efficiently with face shields during COVID-19. 

“I’ve always been intrigued by teeth and society needs good people in the field doing good work.”