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Local’s love for flowers blossoms into career

May 02, 2022 09:13PM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele | [email protected]

Spring is here. Flowers are blooming. It’s a great time to arrange flowers.

Cristine Judd arranges flowers for weddings, parties and events. Her love of flowers started at a young age. Judd has been arranging flowers for 35 years. Her joy of creating flowers is her passion. She loves flowers and likes spreading her passion to help others feel good. 

“I have always loved flowers ever since I was little,” she said. “I started working at Brown Floral to earn money for a trip with my a capella choir. I thought it would be wonderful to start my own business.”

Judd is a one-of-a-kind floral designer. She likes making creative floral arrangements. She adds her own style to her bouquets. She likes seeing the happy look on people’s faces (especially the brides) when she makes a bouquet of flowers.

“I like making people happy with my florals,” she said. “I try never to do an identical wedding bouquet. Mine are one of a kind. I don’t like copying from a picture, but if the bride wants it, then I will do it.”

Judd has followed her passion of creating floral arrangements, and she has made many brides happy. Judd orders her flowers from Global Rose and Fifty Flowers.

“They are awesome flowers and very budget friendly,” she said. “I usually get my greens from Flower Patch.”

Judd works with the bride to stay within their proposed budget, and she will work to make sure the bride is satisfied.

“I always keep my word by staying within the bride's budget,” she said. “To do a whole wedding takes about a day. I do the work by myself.”

Her time spent to do a wedding bouquet is around half an hour. A cascade bouquet will take longer than a wedding bouquet. Corsages will take about 20 minutes. She gathers the flowers, greens and bows, and gets to work on the bouquet, cascades and corsages. She said she enjoys every minute of using her creativity to make these arrangements. She likes seeing the finished product of her work and seeing the bride's happy face when she finishes the project.

Judd works within the bride’s budget.

“I understand that prices can be very daunting for brides on a budget,” she said. “I will work with the bride to get exactly what she needs. I will always inform her of any changes on prices or flowers. There is no sticker shock. I know the bride will be happy.”

Judd is satisfied with her work. She will keep working with brides to make sure they are happy on their special wedding day. You can reach her on Facebook under Judds Buds Floral. You can also call her at 801-864-7486[JDM1] .












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