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Itineris Early College High School outstanding graduate: an extra-mile student

May 30, 2022 06:06PM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

Brooke Perkins, outstanding graduate of Itineris Early College High School class of 2022, is an extra-mile student, said her teacher LeAnn Nisson.

“She not only does what is required but often pushes herself to go beyond what is expected,” Nisson said. “Her essays, analyses and assignments are polished and perfected.”

These traits make Brooke a positive influence in the classroom and school, said Nisson.

“The classroom atmosphere is uplifted both academically and socially in her presence, and other students are inspired by her academic achievement,” she said. “Students like Brooke don't come along often, and it has been a privilege and a delight to teach her.”

Tami Updike, another of Brooke’s teachers at IECHS, said Brooke is an exceptional student because she strives to thoroughly understand what is being taught.

“She is a model student who comes to class eager to learn, asks questions when she doesn't understand material, and she is delightful to teach,” Updike said. In addition to Brooke’s academic work ethic, Updike appreciated that Brooke came to class with a positive attitude and that she always took the time to thank her for the lesson at the end of every class.

Brooke completed classes required for a high school diploma as well as an associate degree, working hard to maintain a 3.997 GPA at IECHS and a 4.0 GPA at SLCC. She is proud to be graduating high school with her associate degree.

“I have worked very hard during my high school years, and I have studied a lot,” she said. “I focused on being very organized and tried to never procrastinate. Working hard and putting school as my top priority has made this possible and I am very proud of it.”

Brooke has always been extremely organized and self-motivated, said her parents.

“She is driven to do things well because that is just who she is,” said her mother, Sharon.

When Brooke decided she wanted a job, she researched her options and found a way to start her own lawn-mowing business.

“She has saved enough money to pay for her future monetary needs and college,” Sharon said. “She is also not a normal teenager. She gives 110% in anything she does.”

Brooke used her high school experience to try new things, taking a wide variety of classes and getting involved in school clubs. She served as vice president in the National Honors Society during her senior year.

Brooke’s love of the outdoors has helped her balance the demands of her busy life.

“Hiking, fishing, hunting and four-wheeling have become a major part of my life and have been a way for me to get out and enjoy nature while still being able to focus on school,” she said.

Quiet by nature but with a love of making others laugh, Brooke likes to look around for those who are struggling and to help them, said Sharon.

After graduation, Brooke plans to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then to pursue a major in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation at BYU.