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Save Lives, Sound the Alarm Effort

May 30, 2022 06:14PM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

The Sound the Alarm Effort is about home fire safety. This effort is sponsored by the American Red Cross.

“Sound The Alarm Campaign has been around since 2014, and in that time, the Red Cross has installed more than 2.2 million free smoke alarms nationwide and prepared more than 2.5 million people for home fires,” said Edgar Zuniga l, regional communications manager, American Red Cross Utah & Nevada Region.

Home fires claim seven lives every day, but having working smoke alarms can cut the risk of death by half. The American Red Cross is preparing families to act quickly through their Home Fire Campaign with community partners. Its goal is to prevent fire-related deaths and injuries in the U.S. by installing 2.5 million free smoke alarms and helping to make 1 million households safer in at-risk communities.

“Home fires are the nation’s commonplace disaster. Each day, seven people die in a home fire in this country,” said Jeremiah Lafranca, executive director of the Greater Salt Lake Chapter of the American Red Cross “That’s why we’re installing smoke alarms and providing safety education: to save lives. We install up to three free smoke alarms and provide fire safety education so that families can create a two-minute escape plan. With a working smoke alarm and a fire escape plan, families double their chances of surviving a home fire.”

The efforts are not just taking place in West Jordan.

“We’ll be installing more than 200 alarms in West Jordan this Saturday and more than 200 alarms in Rose Park in Salt Lake City on Saturday, May 21. Lafranca said. “This is a yearlong

Program, and our volunteers install alarms around the state. Help us save lives by signing up at”

On Average, seven people die every day from a home fire, most impacting children and the elderly More than 30 people suffer injuries from home fires every day. More than $7 billion in property damage occurs from home fires every year.

Corporate and organizational members of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) and Disaster Responder Program pledge strong contributions powering the American Red Cross with trained volunteers, technology and critical resources necessary to provide relief and support for those affected by a disaster. The support the survivors will get from ADGP and Responder Program will help them recover and help families and communities be more prepared in the event of a disaster.


You can learn how to make your home safe. The Red Cross and Its partners are offering virtual education sessions on Home Fire Safety for residents of the Nevada and Utah from the comfort of your home. You can go to the website and find out how to get involved.

This spring you can join the national movement and pledge to keep your family safe by taking just two simple steps. First, practice your two-minute fire escape drill. Second, test your smoke alarms monthly. You can volunteer, join the fitness challenge and donate to support Home Fire Relief and help save lives. Find out more information at

Go to to sign up for the Sound the Alarm effort.