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Jill Wilder welcomes guests and greets them with a friendly smile

Nov 03, 2022 08:07PM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

You can always find Jill Wilder greeting the guests at Macey’s West Jordan with a smile. The customers always feel welcome and enjoy their shopping experience. Wilder’s enthusiasm lights up the store with laughter and her genuine concern for the needs of the customers.

When you walk into the store Wilder is there, greeting each customer and ready to serve BBQ smoked meats. She is the  smoked meats specialist at Macey’s.. “Utah is a country state, and they love meat. Smoked meats are a delicacy, popular for family parties, BBQ’s and great comfort food. The meat will add the extra good touch to any party,” Wilder said.

“The deli team and Jill cook the meat just right. They make sure everything is first class. The signature item at Macey’s comes out of the deli. Macey’s sells a lot of meat, because it is cooked just how the customer likes it. Not only does Jill cook the meat, she is a great team member because she sells the meat,” saidAmy Street, Store Director at Macey’s.

“Jill always offers our guests a difference. She keeps the good energy going with the guests. We all enjoy working with Jill. She has that ignitable energy that helps everybody feel good. Jill is the first person our guests see and speak with. It is enjoyable for the guests to come to the store and feel so welcome. Jill talks to every guest and knows families and talks with the kids. The guests are the reason they go to Macey’s . She cares and she's patient, and I am grateful for Jill,” Street said.

Macey’s showcases their deli on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will find Jill right there ready to serve the guests. “Macey’s offers guests a difference. You can get great meat sandwiches. You can visit Macey’s deli for other offerings. We are committed to our guests,” Street said.


If you wonder what to make for dinner, you can go to Macey’s and find out what they have. You will have Jill there to help you decide what you want. “Not only do we serve brisket, we have pulled pork, burnt ends, Kielbasa sausage, brisket with baked beans, ribs, sandwiches, mac and cheese and cornbread. The most fun is I get to serve these and make sure they are cooked the way the customer likes them. I just love cooking the meats, greeting the customers and making them happy. It is always fun when I serve a customer and make them happy.” Wilder said.

Wilder likes her work at Macey’s. She likes her team she works with. They all enjoy working in the deli and having her to work with because she is so much fun. Her team and store director can always depend on her to enjoy her work and take pride in her work. “Everybody that works at Macey’s is always happy when they work with Jill, and not to mention the customers are always happy when they see Jill. Jill makes Macey’s a great place to shop at,” Street said.

Wilder and Street want to invite people to come out and try the different meats and other offerings at the deli. What is most important to them is a happy customer that has been treated well. That is what you will find at Macey’s in West Jordan. Wilder at the front of the store greeting guests with a smile and helping them decide what they want.