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Arts society hosts first annual talent show

Dec 04, 2022 11:37AM ● By Linda Steele

By Linda Steele l [email protected]

The Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan held their first annual Community Talent Showcase Fundraiser and Talent Show on Nov. 12. Their goal was to help promote the cultural life of West Jordan by promoting the arts in the community. West Jordan is excited to promote and sustain visual, performing and literary arts and bring a rich culture to the community.

The Cultural Arts Society held a silent auction that showcased many amazing works of art that attendees could bid on during the event. Items included paintings, drawings, tickets to attend theater, plus many more.

Those performing in the Talent Showcase were West Jordan Jazz Band, Galo Lastra, Shilaylee, Gary Garff, Scott Hill, Deanna Leonard, Bart Robbins, Mountain West Chorale, Robert Thomson, Brook Rands and Melissa Huston, and Diana Larsen.

Rachel O’Crowley is the Chairman of Visual Arts. She is passionate about the arts being accessible to everyone. “The Cultural Arts Society is dedicated to making arts accessible to residents and people outside of West Jordan as well. We want to make sure that people of every age group, people of all different areas have access to the arts. We have easy affordability, accessibility to the arts and fundraising, grants, money that comes in from the city makes that possible. It’s such a hard time right now, and the arts help to pull people out of dark areas and continue to help pull people in to find that light in their life,” she said.

“This is a great call to action by asking people if they want to be a part of the arts, or if they have ever thought about it, or if they just want to dip their toes in the water. Our organization has something for everyone. We have three different bands, senior band, jazz band, concert band. We have visual arts, literary arts, youth theater, Sugar Factory Playhouse for adults, West Jordan Theater. If people are interested in donating, we are always looking for volunteers, donations, business sponsors. You can go to the website and there are different options. We also ask if people are able to donate, they can go to Amazonsmile, Smiths, these are ways people can contribute.”

Brook Mann is working with the West Jordan Youth Theater doing costuming. She has directed some of the shows. “I love the youth theater because there is a place for everyone. It is an inclusive theater; we have all types of kids. We typically get along. It’s nice to see them thriving and gaining confidence in a way that they don’t normally have. I feel like theater fills a lot of different needs for kids.”

Jen Crabb is a Sugar Factory Playhouse board member. Sugar Factory Playhouse offers a wide range of roles for not just kids, but adults as well. “It’s a chance for a skilled accountant, a nurse, or a stay-at-home parent. They can come and embrace the passion and work toward common goals, like a big family. Every show we are in we accumulate more people in our theater family, and you get to know every person that you’ve been through the fire with and stressful situations. You have rehearsal times, then everybody performs, and it brings people together like no other way I have experienced,” Crabb said.

Jerry Hardesty is an artist who was painting at the auction on a canvas, using a small squeegee and a spatula. “I paint by intuition, I never know how something is going to turn out, I just start painting.”

The arts are a way of bringing a community together and enjoy using their talents. Whether you are an actor, artist, musician or a writer you can join the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan. You can also be a volunteer with one of the groups, sponsor programs or donate. For more information about getting involved in the arts go to