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Copper Hills Parkway replaces the name New Bingham Highway

Feb 06, 2023 02:29PM ● By Peri Kinder

Students, parents, community leaders and West Jordan officials celebrate the renaming of a portion of New Bingham Highway. Now called Copper Hills Parkway, students feel the name change better reflects the CHHS community. (Photos courtesy of West Jordan City)

For more than a year, Copper Hills High School’s student body officers and the CHHS School Community Council worked with West Jordan City leaders to rename a portion of New Bingham Highway (7800 S. to 5600 West). That stretch of road is now known as Copper Hills Parkway.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, a renaming celebration unveiled the new street sign. CHHS cheerleaders, band and choir performed at the ceremony and the entire student body gathered to witness the historic change. CHHS now sits on the corner of Copper Hills Parkway and Grizzly Way.

“It's always a good thing when young people can see how a grassroots movement can turn into a change in their community,” said SCC member Nichole Coombs. “This wasn't a fast-moving request. It took over a year to get the process completed. Many students, community leaders and volunteers worked to make this happen. It was also a lesson in perseverance."

The name was selected to better represent the community, but the process to get the street name changed was a firsthand lesson in civic procedures for the SBOs. As students spent the year working with West Jordan City officials, they created an easier process for future requests.

“Many of you can’t even vote yet, and here you are making big changes in your community,” said West Jordan Mayor Dirk Burton. “It took many separate entities to make this change happen. We worked closely with Salt Lake County and because of students who reached out about this name change, we have a better process for others who may have a request like this in the future, and that is thanks to all of you. Go Grizzlies!”

  The change will not affect residential addresses along the parkway, however, a few businesses who supported the renaming will have a change of address. Council member David Pack commended the students’ efforts and their perseverance to make the name change happen. He hopes other residents will follow their example and work with the city to create improvements.

“Show up to your city council meetings,” Pack said. “It makes a big difference in your community.”

CHHS students no longer have to drive along New Bingham Highway to get to school. With Bingham High School being a rival of CHHS, the students felt the new name created a greater sense of pride in the school and community. 

“It's only fitting that Copper Hills High School sits on the corner of Grizzly Way and Copper Hills Parkway. It's the perfect representation of our community,” Coombs said. “It was so exciting to see so many students, faculty and community members at the unveiling. It was a great show of community support for a school that’s a key part of this community.”