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West Jordan resident among those to receive $10,000 prize from Zions Bank

Mar 09, 2023 11:40AM ● By Linda Steele

Zions Bankers, from left to right, Zions Bank Channel Strategy Manager Lydia Levin, Salt Lake Suburban Region President Mike Van Roosendaal, Kimberly Sorensen Holiday Sweepstakes winner, West Jordan branch manager David Cruz and relationship banker Desiree Palesh. (Photo Courtesy Jared VanLeuven/Zions Bank)

Zions Bank held their Holiday Bankcard Sweepstakes. It was a big day for Kimberly Sorensen of West Jordan, Kyle Grotegut of Lehi and David Tucker of Pocatello, Idaho to win $10,000 just by entering the Sweepstakes. 

They were invited to go to their local Zions branch to collect their winnings. They were presented with a large $10,000 bill. They were very surprised, they had no idea they were going to receive such a large sum of money. 

“We thought maybe it would be a couple hundred dollars,” Kate Grotegut said, wife of Kyle Grotegut. Kate went with her husband to receive their prize. Kate and Kyle plan to make memories with their children and pay off some debt. 

Kimberly Sorensen was very shocked, and she wasn’t quite sure how to use her funds. “I’m sure my grandkids will have ideas, they want me to buy them Converse shoes,” she said. 

The Holiday Bankcard Sweepstakes was open to everyone. Anyone could participate by mailing in an entry. Clients received an automatic entry into the sweepstakes every time they used a Zions Bank debit or credit card between Oct. 24, 2022 and Jan. 28. 

“Zions is celebrating 150 years of being in business, and this was one of the many things that Zions is doing to celebrate it. This is what we call the Holiday Winning Sweepstakes. We are super excited, we have a lot of stuff coming up, this isn’t the last thing we are doing, there is more to come definitely,” David Cruz said, branch president of West Jordan Financial Center Zions Bank. 

“Zions cares about their customers, they are a community bank. Zions isn’t just a big corporation. We love our customers and care about them. When customers come to the branch,

they know they can contact me for anything. Customers don’t just have to call customer service, they come to me and I take care of them,” Cruz said. 

The sweepstakes are open to employees as well as customers. Zions’ vision is to give back to their clients. There is no other bank in Utah that has sweepstakes for their customers. It is unique and Zions always has different campaigns going on throughout the year where they give a variety of things, like scholarships for students. At the end of last year Zions had campaigns for students. “This year we are doing the same thing, there is a lot more to come. And we will let the customers know we are working on more campaigns and make it exciting for the customers,” Cruz said. 

Zions was founded by Brigham Young in 1873 with a capital stock of $200,000. Zions has a legacy as one of the oldest financial institutions in the Intermountain West. Today they are one of the premier banking institutions in the country. Zions has maintained its unique and pioneer spirit of doing business. In the ‘60s and ‘70s , Zions grew into a major statewide banking system by acquiring some community banks around Utah. In the ‘80s when banking laws became more liberal, Zions Bancorporation’s holdings expanded into other states in the West. 

Today Zions operates more than 450 full-service offices in 11 Western and southwestern states. Zions is one of the 50 largest banking companies in the United States and a member of the S&P 500 Index. Zions keeps in touch with the community. “Zions is the bank of the community,” Cruz said.