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ADA compliant Easter Egg Hunt set for April 8

Mar 31, 2023 02:38PM ● By Linda Steele

Easter Eeggs and treats await the eageron a picnic table for ADA participants at West Jordan’s annualfor Easter Egg Hunt. (Photo Ccourtesy West Jordan City)

Every year West Jordan holds an Easter Egg Hunt, and thousands show up for the event. It’s an event the whole family enjoys. 

The event is held at the West Jordan Utah Youth Soccer Complex. 

The event is divided into different age groups for participants from 2 to 15 years old. There are different fields for the different age groups that are all mapped out, color-coded by age so it is easy for parents to find the correct field. There is also an all-compliant area for ADA participants who use a wheelchair or  who might be sensitive to crowds and loud sounds. For these participants the egg hunt is under the pavilion and the eggs are on top of the tables, so they can reach over and get the eggs themselves. 

“That is really important to us, to make sure there is accessibility, and everyone can participate,” Marie Magers said, public information manager in West Jordan. “We do this every single year and we get really good feedback, because there are not a lot of events that are ADA compliant, and that is unfortunate, but it is easy to do, and make this accessible to everyone because we have received feedback from parents that say, ‘here is how to make that better.’We take that feedback and implement it every year. It just keeps getting better, and we are proud to make this an event that we can include everyone and keep making it better every year,” 

“Fifteen hundred people show up for this event, and last year, 2022, West Jordan bought over 25,000eggs. The eggs are bought online already stuffed with candy, toys and treats. There are an additional 50 golden eggs that are filled with additional prizes that are put on each field for each

age group. When you find a golden egg you get an additional prize for each age group,” Magers said. Some of the prizes are donated by local businesses like Target and Gardner Village. “The shiny golden eggs are hard to come by, because there is literally only a couple per field. So keep an eye out for the golden egg. It is golden, and the same size as the other eggs, but it is shiny and golden, not yellow.”

It is important to bring your own basket or bag, because the event runs out of bags fast. There are so many participants that West Jordan can’t keep up with the bags. 

“It is important to be on time. The event starts exactly on time, because 25,000 eggs are gone in 3-5 minutes. Don't be one minute late for this event, be 15 minutes early. I cannot stress this enough, do not be late.” Magers said. 

The event starts out with Mayor Dirk Burton doing a count down before the buzzer goes off.  “As soon as the buzzer goes off it is like the craziest thing I have ever seen, I've never seen kids run so fast. The one thing I stress again is get there early.” Magers said. 

West Jordan does the Easter Egg Hunt “to give back to the community, and a

 good way to kick off spring. It’s a good way to get people outside. Right after the event the parks open up. It is a great way to meet the mayor and the city council members. They are always volunteering, putting out eggs and staying around after the event, a good way for the residents to get to know who represents them,” Magers said. 

 The Easter Egg Hunt will be held April 8, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

The address is 7965 S. 4000 West, Utah Youth Soccer Complex. 

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