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Class of 2023 What I’ve Learned: ‘At some point, everything will align’

Jun 06, 2023 01:00PM ● By Jet Burnham

Class of 2023 Mountain Heights Academy graduate Andrew Monsen, an accomplished bowler with dreams of playing professionally, shares what he has learned in high school: “Sometimes, not everything will go your way and you just have to remember that, at some point, everything will align and you’ll be able to get through whatever it is or win the tournament or make it through whatever you need to.” 

Andrew has been bowling since the age of 4. His current score average is 200 and his high game is 288. He said he has learned some important life lessons from bowling. He said in competitive bowling you’ll lose more tournaments than you win, and even the best bowlers in the world only win about 20% of the tournaments they enter. But he knows hard work and consistent practice increases his chances of winning.

Andrew has won youth competitions, including the 2020 Pepsi State Youth Championship, and some adult league competitions as well, which have earned him a few thousand dollars in scholarship money. He hopes to play on the PBA tour and also study to become a therapist.

Andrew has struggled with anxiety his whole life, which made attending traditional school difficult.

“My anxiety would be so bad that it would make me feel sick, and I would always be calling home, telling my mom that I was sick and I couldn’t be there. I missed so many days because of it,” Andrew said.

His education improved two years ago when he switched to Mountain Heights Academy, an online charter school.

“Online works better for me,” he said. “Even when my anxiety is bad, I’m still at home where I can be comfortable and work how I need to and work when I’m able to and not have to be there at specific times. I’ve been able to do it online and at my own pace and everything has been a lot better for me.”

He has advice for other students who are struggling with anxiety:

“It’s okay to ask for help. I’ve always been one that wants to do everything on my own and I hate having to rely on other people for help, but as I’ve been working through school and everything, being able to reach out to teachers for help or talk to a counselor or my therapist has really been an important skill to have.”   λ